Personalised MUM Photo Gift Sweet Jar
Personalised MUM Photo Gift Sweet Jar

Personalised MUM Photo Gift Sweet Jar

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A wonderful sweet jar to show Mum just how sweet she really is. The sweet jar is packed with delicious sweet bags and yummy loose sweets including Cola Bottles, Dolly Mixtures, Foam Shrimps, Love Hearts, Parma Violets and much more.

The sweet jar is personalised with both photos and her name to make it extra special.

Key Features:

• Sweet Jar measuring 19 x 11 x 11cm

• 13 Retro sweets inside • Personalised MUM Label


• Personalised with the name of your choice – Maximum of 12 characters per name.

• Personalised with 3 photos.


• Cola Bottles -1 bag, Dolly Mixtures – 1 bag, Foam Shrimps - 1 bag, Jelly Beans – 1 bag, Rhubarb & Custard – 1bag, Candy Sticks – 1, Double Candy Lollies – 3, Double Dip Sherbet – 1, Fizzers – 4, Love Hearts Mini Rolls – 3, Parma Violets – 4, Rainbow Drops - 1 bag, Refresher Chews – 5 • Avg bag weight – 90g

Further Information:

• Contents may vary slightly due to supply.

• Ages 5+

• May contain allergens, check ingredients.

• Jar can be used to store more sweets and keepsakes when empty.

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