Single Guys Survival Kit

Single Guys Survival Kit

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The single guys survival kit is full of useful advice to help you progress from lonely loser to loved up legend.

You’ve clearly been getting it all wrong in the love department but worry no more, we are here to help.

You may read and see some earth shattering home truths but they are all designed to make you the man you want to be!

Now dry those eyes, wash those pits, change those pants, bring out the panther passion aftershave and go get ‘em son!

Single Guys Survival Guide – The do’s and don’ts of dating.
Date Night check list – Always be prepared.
Top 20 chat up lines – Never trip over your intro again.
Why you don’t have a girlfriend Pie Chart – Cold hard truths.
Anti-Texting device – Don’t text the EX!
Tissues – Dry those eyes.
Pre date wash kit – No one likes a stinker.
Grow your won Girlfriend – if all else fails.

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